The Prophet (peace be upon him) was a gift to mankind and to the world.


The Prophet (peace be upon him) was a gift to mankind and to the world. He was the last prophet who bought the final revelation that completed the religion of monotheism, Islam.

It has often been noted that there is a link between compassion for animals and goodness of character. The Prophet Muhammad was sent as a mercy not only to mankind but all the creations of the earth, including animals. His teachings further preserved the sanctity of animals and reinforced how Muslims should honor and respect all of God’s creation.

The Prophet Muhammad ended the cruel customs of cutting the tails and manes of horses, branding animals in soft spots and keeping horses saddled. The prophet could not tolerate any sort of harm to animals – he related that a women who had kept her cat in captivity and starved it to death would be a dweller of the hell fire. On the other hand, he related that a prostitute who saw a thirsty dog and gave it water would be forgiven for her sins and would be granted paradise.

That cannot be enough things said about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family about his true character and life that the world must take a second look because we have had a lot of misinformation in regards to the internet and how information connects and this is one of the main reasons the world is going to be put on a page an information as you know it is going to be challenged and rearranged in regards to how people connect to the truth.

So we are happy to announce that we're going to put the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family on one page All the facts and none of the fiction that is ongoing on the internet.

We are going to summarize it in a very beautiful way in this new brave world that we are coming into of mixed realities and information that you are able to hold and manipulate with your hands it will be very important how the message of Islam and Muslims is represented. The current misinformation and the deception cannot be allowed to just be part of normal life in the next advancement of technology that is around the corner and this is one of the main objective of one world one page to get the world on the same page and information.

So we want to begin this transformation right here right now For now we're going to literally demonstrate the life of the Prophet Muhammad peace be appointing him on a clipboard highlighting some of the work we're going to be doing so that if anyone has question about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his message they will find it all on one page without any misinformation. This is going to be the source and we're going to hope the collaboration with Muslims call us will play that critical role to get all the information we need on the same page.

We will start with the timeline.

We will cover everything that has to do with the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him including all the miracles that lit up the entire heaven and was witnessed by his birth.

Who will cover who the prophet is and where he's from and who Is his family including his lineage.

Keep in mind we are a startup incubator and we hope to launch our own virtual reality set So oh no our next page one world one page we will go in detail into that but we need you to keep in mind that you're going to grab every name of the lineage of the profit Muhammad peace be upon him and his family and you will be able to explore in virtual reality the meanings and the sounds engaging all senses So we're talking about the future here keep this in mind.

You're going to be clicking on everything and you're going to be exploring a timeline within virtual reality of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him's life. From the moment his mother died to the moment his grandfather died peace be upon him and his family.

You will click through the timeline and you will follow Prophet Muhammad Please be upon him throughout his journey when he became a shepherd.

You're going to click when Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him changed the history of love how marriage proposal worksBy turning the whole idea of what it means to be married. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was proposed to by one of the greatest women to ever live. She did not wait she made initiative and she actually proposed to him in Arabian Society which is unheard of. So we can't wait for you to click on this and hear this story of one of the Great love of all time.

You will get a chance to explore Arabian society and the false gods that they were worshiping and all the other twisted things that they were doing from burying their children alive to every other evil they had conceived of from highway robbery to Everything in between we will give you an overview You will be able to work in into a virtual reality set and you will see women suffering and you will see how people were really treated in that era and we're going to make sure is where they are and we're going to make sure we have a PG version for children but I think it's important that this specific time is explored in virtual reality and experienced in a way that is conversant with the times.

Who will create a beautiful environment where it will take you through the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when he used to retreat to the mountains to be in solitude and to remember God when people used to celebrate and sacrifice for the false god they would even go around the holy house of the Kaaba nude so we have to be careful with what we design as we tell the story in virtual reality.

You'll be able to click on the night of power and it will be explained in detail what it is and what took place.

We're going to be very creative with this.

Absolutely the experience will be as beautiful and coming as possible. 

There's no way to reconstruct what the prophet Muhammad peace be appointing went through because the angelic voice of Gabriel and the embrace that went on for the Revelation to take place is something that we're going to be discussing with Muslim scholars how can people be in this moment and what is it that can be done to make sure we follow the strict rules of Islam in regards to this whole scenario.

There's no doubt that we will be showing footsteps of light that you can follow down the mountain so that the most amazing and beautiful statement that is made by the mother of the believers is experienced by the user of virtual reality.

We don't want you to be carried away with the future but we want to remind you that there's been a lot of misinformation in regards to Islam and defending the honor of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him on his message is our number one priority. This is a mission that has been failed by many people who have left ignorant and uncreative individuals get on a louder platform and use misinformation and careful techniques to discredit the profit of Islam and his message. The internet has been a very distasteful place for information and how it flows and we hope to change that.

We want Muslims to remember the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him on his final message which was his final address Carefully laid out statements that Muslims need to review again so that they understand that they were dealing with a true prophet who knew the future like the back of his hand.

God had showed him everything that will happen in the future and he did his best  to make sure that the Muslims understand His message is uncorruptible and irregardless of space or time two things will never change if Muslims pay attention to it then the message of Islam can never be approached by anything or anyone at any time. The message can never be taken out of context and the message of Islam will be presented as it was from the moment it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

That's get back to the Quran

If you take the Quran and if you take the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as your foundation you can never be lost. If only Muslims paid attention to the exact word of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him terrorism and all the problems that exist today would never been associated with Islam.

Muslims don't need to point a finger at each other or blame their history or any other problem that's ongoing especially when it comes to terrorism All they have to do is carefully inspect what the prophet peace be upon himself was the solution and that would settle the matter.

This message really goes to those people who live in the West and who are always have paid the price in regards tocrazy people who do crazy things that have nothing to do with religion Islam but yet it is associated with Islam.

We're talking about Jihad and we're talking about people who are in a system that favor violence and hatred because it brings more views which brings in more revenues A cycle of system that is systematically sick that has pushed Muslims in the West to be in a backdrop of receiving so much hate and violence at the hand of Western countries because ultimately the misdeeds of people must be paid by other people regardless of their borders and those people who live in the West understand exactly what I'm talking about.

We do not need to blame the Muslim world or the history of the Muslims at all and this is a message to Muslims in general. All we have to do is follow the teaching of Prophet Muhammad peace be uponAnd I am going to let the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Remind you of this two things that he left which Are the Book of Allah and his family. If you hold on to them … The rest will be completed by

You want to give a demonstration what this means If we follow the teaching of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him She had will not be a problem anymore People in the West will be on the same page and they will understand that Muslims who follow the message of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him have nothing to do with violence or extremism of any kind. Muslims do not need to point the finger at anyone or any Muslim government what we need to do is pay attention to what our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him told us and all we have to do is present a member of the family of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and our problems will melt away.

We are not just giving you a figure of speech We're going to give you an example right now People in the West will celebrate Jihad and will remember that Islam has been part of their fabric and the members of the family of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him have been blessed to be heroes in the history books and they have shown what Islam is all about. I present you a proof that should be used by Muslims without pointing a finger at any government or talking about any history or what the problem is All we have to do is present the family of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and in the video below you will be on the same page with me that that is the ultimate solution for Muslims especially in the West.

In the video below it tells a story where America and its presidents celebrated Jihad and so Islam for what it is to a member of the family of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. All we have to do is present the family of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and everything will be at the equilibrium they are the solution. You don't believe me watch the video below.

 You can search for the book online one world one page considers Amazon and competitor and we expect to set up our own bookstore so we are not going to be advertising the link unfortunately. BigTech companies are in trouble they don't know it but they will know very soon that competition that they cannot match has come into town.

We have a problem with how information flows and how that data is collected, processed, and then distributed throughout the world. One world one page has the problem with the internet itself because it's missing its checks and balances As a result so much misinformation and deception has been ongoing since the moment the internet was made. So we helped to mitigate that with new mathematical equations and algorithms that will undo all that damage and get people on the same page in the messenger of Islam that it has nothing to do with terrorism.

Those people who commit terror or do a lot of things that has to do with the taking of life are suffering from psychological illness and we want you to remember we are a startup and the brand stands for solving all the problems.

 This is why we are very happy with the new startup in the Muslim psychology so that all the psychopaths out there who claim to be Muslims and forget that Islam is a privilege that needs to be maintained. Islam requires you to believe and do good deeds. So we will have to re-introduce to people what Islam is and many people who claim to be Muslims on the day of resurrection are going to find themselves not with the Muslims but with the psychopath and the evildoers because they were double-faced in this world saying that they were Muslims but their actions were actually saying something else.

We keep saying that this Islamic psychology is going to be very important in dealing with all these psycho individuals and hopefully virtual reality will help them because there's a lot of brainwashing going on and very unfortunate to say that politics which is something that one world one page will never engage in is the main cause and even religion is not to blame. It is the politics of states and covert operations that has had deep implications and regards to the psychology of those people who are doing crazy things. This is why when I say that the following picture is just a tool and is not even close to anything that has to do with the human being it's better than nothing so this psychos individual might receive some kind of treatment because they forget that human beings are more than flush and bones within them there is an entire ecosystem that is invisible to humans and maybe if they get an inclination of this they could ponder over their actions that is very destructive.

So we're going to look into artificial intelligence and also do a lot of CT scans of individuals who are completely psycho individuals so that we can keep a record of them. As soon as they do something evil artificial intelligence will recognize them and attach their psycho report on them.

The future is going to be very efficient and new rights in privacy and how information flows for the individual will have to be discussed and details have to be hammered out what all this data means from the data that's being collected from individuals to data that is mind in the pathetic pursuit of displaying advertisement. 

On a bright note we would like to announce that all the psycho individuals who are out there distorting Islam and doing everything they can to cause problems to people will not stop us from having a big vision in the United States. After all one world one pages from the United States and we are proud to say that we're looking forward to meeting with the family of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon them and telling them about a library or a virtual library under physical library that will owner the profit of Islam prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family. And will honor the descendants of the family of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And it will be in the town that is already named after the member of the family of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Watch "El Kader City Iowa, U.S.A. ♥ أمريكا القادر سيتي" on YouTube

There's no doubt The gold rush era for advertisement has begun. The funds that will be used to build the library will be the algorithms that are coming from the house of wisdom and they will be directly tried to advertising creating a unique connection between businesses and people that will generate enough revenue to build a museum and fund all the projects that have already been established by the family of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them. It is very sad that it is not Muslims that are prioritizing the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and honoring his family it has come to a moment of reality check for Muslims around the globe that it is non-Muslims who are honoring Islam and the message of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the United States.

We hope to work with this organizations and we hope to make our headquarters of one world one page in Iowa El Kader City Iowa,

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