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Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu which means
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you all.

This project is an opportunity for Americans to see the progress Muslims Imam I've made and will continue to make as I begin to collaborate with them to bring changes in American mosques in a way that will bring changes that will last a lifetime.

There is a lot of good efforts that have been made in America by Muslim imams and I'm very proud to be associated with them with all the work that they have done moving forward as I will be meeting with them and getting my input from them as to what can be done right and where can I completely and utterly devastate those people who are getting in their way.

There's a lot of communities that I've refused to get on the same page what it means to have specific standards that is required to help the youth not fall prey two information that is designed to manipulate them so that they used to commit how traffic Act.

Ultimately the responsibility falls on Muslim  Imamas around the world to be on the same page what is working and what is not  working and take full responsibility of the actions of the community because ultimately Muslim imamsimams are responsible for the problems in their communities.

So I'm going to be beginning of my campaign as we begin to Highlights what is really going on and what is really working and how we can all help to facilitate this process that we have neglected since 9/11.

The American people know that Talent is the key 2 most issues that is raising the world. You get the most talented person and you making an example for everybody else and before you know it everybody is going to be copying and doing the right things  and just like that everything is solved.

Anybody who knows me knows that I have an eye for talent and I always looking and evaluating and comparing people when it comes to creativity and Imagination.

So I have some sad news especially for Americans who live in this country we have had talented people who are American Imam who had to leave this country the United States of America and go to other countries because those are the countries are smart enough to attract and retain Talent and we are the ones who are losing everything.

So let's begin this change in mosques around the world and what it's going to take which is to set an example for men and women to follow so that we can have that change while looking for in mosques around the world.

There's no doubt this person is not just the leader of all the  Imams in the world but his work proves it and there's no one who can stand next to him and tell me that they have done what he has done and they have accomplish what he has accomplished.

He lived in America he wasn't Imam in America and unfortunately the United Kingdom was too smart and they were able to steal him away and I want to declare that I want him back to lead this change so that American can win again.

Without further ado I introduced you to the American Muslim Imam who left us.


It was a sad day in America because Talent like this is not easy to find and we should all be weeping because I am about to show you what he was able to accomplish when he went to the United Kingdom.

First that start with his biography and his brand.

Let's go ahead and look at his bio.

Concise Bio
Shaykh Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera is a British Muslim scholar educated in both the Islamic and Western traditions. He memorised the Qur’an by heart and graduated from the Darul Uloom seminary Bury, UK, and later earned a specialized licence to issue fatwa (legal responses) at Mazahir ‘Ulum Saharanpur, India. He earned his BA from the University of Johannesburg and completed his MA and PhD in Islamic Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He holds an honorary fellowship at the Cambridge Muslim College and at The Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought, Amman, 

Then click on the link below  To read his bio.

I really want the American people to understand what it's like to be  an Imam  so that you understand the challenges that they're dealing with.

Hopefully that summarizes all the issues that we have in the Imam position which tells you it's all about politics. It is the weekend Warriors and the lawyers and everybody else who is hungry for leadership and manipulation who is holding down The mosques of America down.

And I think this is a important opportunity to bring one of my personal perspective that I went through with one of my friends was a Imam so that you all understand we have an important role to play here which is first to understand the problem and I hope this story that I wrote will give you an idea what's really going on inside the mosques in America.

Note to self move the sheriff of America to the end of the story so that you can be a rough draft and a warning to all those people who don't think I will bring the hammer on their head.

Moving on we are going to save the sheriff at the end of the story here because we need to finish this example of talent that we have lost and we need to bring back.

I want to wrap it up on the Imam America lost and I just want to give you some of his work so you can see for yourself he has taken the hands of the youth and he has taken them back how to seek traditional knowledge and he has dealt with every challenge that has to do with muslims imams.

This is my favorite project where he takes young people by himself back to the source of knowledge showing them the way how to get knowledge.

He has taken on the issue head on with young people explaining to them what is what and not to be confused he has really taken on a tough issue explaining what young people are confused about and that is a subject of another time.

What I really want to focus on is What Muslim imams can do to copy him as far as branding is concerned and Technology.

First he created his own brand which is very beautiful. It's called a Zam Zam and I can tell you Dave Chappelle can tell us about this water.

All jokes aside we need to remember that for this religion to really take its place we have to understand that we have certain responsibilities that has fallen in our shoulder that we have refused to respect and acknowledge that this religion of Islam is from one human only which is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

And we need to remember that what brings peace and illumination to the heart of the Muslim world and is the source of all success in this religion is the family of the Prophet peace be upon him.

There shall be no success in Islam if you choose to condescend the family of the Prophet peace be upon him without acknowledging the right and contribution to everything that is on going with Islam.

Has a small tribute I want to play this one minute video to remind you that the family of the Prophet peace be upon him they play a very important role and they are the keys to success without acknowledging them and loving them and gaining light that they have inherited from the great-grandfather would do more project to complete and utter destruction.

So this is a 1-minute video to remind you how about the family of the Prophet peace be upon him.

With a blessing of the family of the Prophet peace be upon them I will switch back to The Branding and what Imam need to do uncopy which was Zam Zam.


So I'm going to wrap it up here and I would end with one video that has made him the best and no one can touch him as far as the imams are concerned because he touched a subject and he explained it and he got the young people on the same page without Xcommunicating them. Hey broke down everything that was digestible is the political correct way to say this.

So watch this video and you will be on the same page with me that he has done an excellent job and he deserves to be given are you bored I believe 3.5 million dollars is what I have in mind anyway watch the video and we're going to turn the page to women the best woman leader in the world.

Just in case you want to reach out to him and say thank you and congratulations and come back to America I have a link for his Twitter page please don't tell him I sent you.

Let's turn to the woman who is the leader of all women on this world and she is taking on a challenge of Reviving female scholarship.


Shaykha Safia Shahid,

Shaykha Safia Shahid, is an example for all women to follow in her footsteps or join her in her struggle to bring female scholarship. She's not part of my solution in America because yet again the British have beat us to the talent but there's a big but here we have a champion of all in America getting the job done so I'm just going to turn the page to the person who is doing the real work.

When it comes to leadership and the epitome of women in America who are really on the ground and I'm making a big difference and I'm taking one challenges and are ready for the challenge I'm about to propose two other women to look at this person as an example and to support this person who is changing American masks from the ground up.

I introduce you to the solution of all of our problems the person who's getting it done the super hero of our time she's the one and the only. Tamara gray

So in the women's Department I could tell you that in the United States of America we only have Heroes who are dealing with the challenges and bringing positive changes that will last a lifetime.

This is the only Department I don't have any input other than point the way and say here is your solution right here don't look anywhere else.

Bring change to American mosques is not an easy subject but I can tell you it's already been solved just watch this video and you will be on the same page that changes here


My job is to point out the talent and get them on the same page and show the American people that we have a plan and it's being implemented and how things are going.

Things cannot continue the way they've been there's needs to be this perception of mosques and what they're doing wrong and what they're doing right and how we as a community or country can come together around the world and get on the same page or everybody can have their own opinion and we can have the mess that's on going.

For those of you who want more information and would like to show your support for Tamara gray by visit the website.


You all know I can read the minds of the people who read my blog so I answer their questions before they ask them.

 Why did I not put Tamara Gray as  the number one song clearly she deserves it. The answer is very simple the blessing of the family of the Prophet peace be upon him and unifying both of them under the umbrella of the college so that we have a big team who are working under the umbrella of the family of the Prophet peace be upon him.

Just think of me as a company analyzer of they call them in Wall Street and I'm looking at a merger here between the two and if a big endowment which is around 25 million dollars can be donated I don't think it's going to be a problem for this too big teams to be one plus they'll be paying an omage to the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him himself.

So I did reach out to Linda Gates and Bill Gates and I was working on this merger for a while and I was just introducing them to one party and hopefully they did what they usually do which is be charitable.

This time I really want them to think big and think Global and really incentivize these two big groups to make a merger under one umbrella and to put up the funds so that really work and real change can take place that will last a lifetime.

We all know Bill Gates wants to change the world and he has every port card for everything and I just want him to odd I report card on women over Islam and their effort to change the world and his contribution and if he chooses to forget I want him to watch this video.

And I also want him to remember this Ted video that why they chose to give away their wealth this is a very emotional video and I think going to guys need to sit down and watch this again.

Now we want to turn the chapter 2 Muslim American Imam who are out there and  are doing a great job and I'm going to be part of their program to initiate and support the current efforts that are going that only need my techniques and personality to get them on the same page and finish the job.



 Al Madina Institute is a leader of bring the community together and finding that common ground so that mosques in America can get on the same page what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong.

Al Madina Institute they're doing their best to help us get past this election I'm just look into the future and bring about Love & Mercy.

I really want to play a quick video that really summarizes what they're trying to do.

In order to force the individual success over Imam they have introduced something special which gives different perspective and gives different voices to hear each other and come together and get on the same page.

Now we're going to turn to the difficult part first we're going to go back to the work I did when everything was not normal in 2017 when many people were pointing their fingers I chose not to point the finger at any individual mosque I took full responsibility and I went ahead and showed America what was going on inside the mask was politics.

I give America perspective that they wanted to see but this is such a sensitive issue no one can touch it but me because I speak from the perspective of being a Muslim and looking at things from a different angle.

Those people who do not know my efforts to deploy the shadili  shield and protect Muslim Americans completely it's something that you must read on my blog.

And if you have any concerns or questions of what I'm about to do to the Muslim American Community you should understand I am the new sheriff of America I'm the John Wayne of America and I will shut down specific masks and I will request that they are shut down because they were part of 9/11.

We as Muslim Americans we have to move on from the stigma and we have to get on the same page what standards are going to be implemented and I will be at the helm on my blog telling the American people what steps are being taken by the Muslim American community in general to come together to make America feel safe again.

Clearly I intend to win by not pointing the finger at anyone or any mosque that tells you that I am in it for the peace and I'm in it for the long run and this is going to be a marathon and I'm going to enjoy this.

The American people also going to enjoy this because it's going to be a roller coaster you don't know who I'm going to call out you don't know which mosque I'm going to point a finger at. Let's just say that I will set my demands and I will set my guidelines all by myself unless the community is willing to meet with me and we can have this discussion so that it can actually be fruitful for everybody and changed intake place in a blink of an eye just like it's happening in the Middle East everybody could see what's going on down there changes happening in a heartbeat.

So for those who don't know what I'm planning to do and who I am I have a different blog and this is the blog that I'm utilizing for the whole world I'm putting people who are playing politics on the same page so if you're   playing politics in America mosque you will be put on public display and shamed in Publicly but fortunately
That is if you force my hand I am here to make sure everything works out and everything is all ironed out behind closed doors and we can all move on with our lives.

This is going to be a collaboration by a lot of people and I have no problem being stuck in meetings that take forever and people who want to hear my perspective on what I want to do after all it will affect all of you so by sitting on the sidelines I will be speaking on behalf of all of you without your permission whether you like it or not before I do that I will open the door and I will call you people so we can have a talk.

Just in case you do know what I'm talking about I introduce you to my political blog which I am putting the world on the same page.

So I want to finish with a message to the president of the United States going to come up with a game plan to close down mosques that are not participating in this new program that I'm setting up.

Of the sheriff of America I would have my way not the president not anyone tell me how to do anything so basically you all hostage in my bus you can either be cooperative and we can get to a destination or we're going to be in a roller coaster.

I am trained to think on my feet I don't need a whole lot of time to come up with plans. I am just like Lyndon Johnson and how he came up with his Great Society. I'm going to prepare a bill after Bill and we're all just going to come to an agreement and we are not even going to know what this organizations and departments are going to do right away but we are going to do it the Lyndon Johnson way.

Here is a video explaining to you what my goal is.

To summarize there's going to be change and it's going to be fast on whether you people did not understand that and then Johnson is the one who created the EPA and every other organization that is benefiting America and he didn't even look at anything and it did not understand anything but the benefits are there for all to see so I'm going to use the same mentality and I'm just going to go for it and I'm just going to get people together and I'm just going to sign ask new for  Department new laws whatever and I'm going to get it all done.

What I'm trying to say is that there is no clear path or road map to do this we don't have to roll with the punches and we all have t do our best and we have to depend on the Lord that he makes it fruitful and we all move on with our lives that is my goal so help me God.